Travel and Entertainment Policy

A policy used to ensure that all Employees have a clear and consistent understanding of policies and procedures for business travel and entertainment on behalf of the company.

Travel and Entertainment Code of Conduct

This tool enables the company to conduct its business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics.

Reporting Basics-NRA

This tool presents important tips on NRA reporting.

Refund Policy

This tool provides a template for formulating an internal policy for debits and credits.

Reconciliation Policy

This tool should be utilized to provide policies and procedures on reconciling and reviewing departmental ledgers for oversight of transactions and protection of company assets.

Quality Policy

This tool defines organizational goals and objectives with regard to quality, and a vision to drive continuous improvement, providing a framework for establishing, communicating, and monitoring...

NRA Audits-10-Step Process

This tool provides guidelines for consideration when preparing for NRA audit.

Hurricane Policy

This tool provides a sample of one company's plan of action in the event of a hurricane.

Code of Ethics Policy

The purpose of this tool is to create a policy to further emphasize the company's commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with the law.

Telecommunications Audit and Optimization Request for Proposal Template

(Company's) objective is to contract with one service provider for telecommunications assessment and profit recovery services, in accordance with the terms of this solicitation.

Summary of Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Tool showing the summary of the act and the impact it has in the business world.

Records Retention Checklist

This tool assists businesses to maintain book and records so that an accounting of the business activities may be performed.

P-Card Employee Compliance Form

Use this form as an example of what to include in your own compliance form for employees to review and sign when they are issued a company P-Card.

Form 1099 Compliance Self-Assessment

Use this form to check for potential problems in your company's compliance with Federal Form 1099 reporting regulations.

Disaster Recovery Vendor Contact Log

Tool used to contact corporate vendors to inform them that the company has been affected by a business interfering disaster.

Disaster Recovery Status Report Form

Status reporting is an integral part of the disaster recovery project management processes.

Disaster Recovery Resource Request Form

This tool is used to specify the requirements needed by the company to assist in the recovery effort resulting from a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Purchase and Payment Transaction Log

A tool to track corporate expenditures connected with the recovery from a catastrophic event.

Disaster Recovery Plan Test Calendar

A template used to forecast activities through the course of a month required to bring the operational ability of the company back to normal.

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