Online Advertising Opportunities

Tile Ads and Footer Ads


• Static ads will be accepted; no animation.
• Static ad may include one rotation — with 10-second interval.
• Ad will switch out after 15 seconds (max two frames, each set to 7.5 seconds).
• Image ad files must be 50K or smaller.
• Files must be provided in the following formats:  JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF.
• Provide your URL to include as a link.

Email / Permission-Based Marketing (E-Blasts)

Reach your audience through a targeted email blast promoting a product or service, an event, or your organization in general. Limited quantity available.

• The blast should contain a compelling offer.
• There should be a clear "call to action."
• A link to specific items/actions should be prominently featured.

• HTML and text files are required, along with a subject line.
• Suppression file must be supplied, or a signed waiver must be submitted.
• Creative is due 10 days prior to the blast date.
• Counts are estimates and can have a +/- 5 percent variance at time of blast.
• All blasts must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2014.

CAN-SPAM Act guidelines
• All creative versions must include the mailer's full postal address.
• All creative versions must include a functioning unsubscribe link so that the end user may unsubscribe from future offers from mailer.
• More information on the CAN-SPAM Act can be forwarded upon request.

Subject line guidelines
• The subject line cannot be misleading. It should reflect the content of the offer.
• There is a limit of 72 characters. Upon preview, the recipient sees only the first 23 characters.
• Highlighting, bolding, italics, and images are not permitted in the subject line.
• Do not use high ASCII characters or symbols (e.g., !, @, $, "").
• Use careful wording as anti-spam and anti-pornography filters misinterpret key phrases (e.g., Hot Tips).

URL guidelines
• URL should not be longer than 62 characters. Longer URLs may break and be unclickable
• Do not put punctuation immediately after a URL, especially periods.
• Do not include a pound sign (#), pipe delimiter (|), or blank spaces in your URL.

Copy building guidelines for HTML files
• We require you to send an .html document.
• All images must be hosted by your server.
• The maximum length is 1½ pages.
• The file size may not be larger than 30K.
• Post content to web-based page.
• Avoid JavaScript, any scripting language, and style sheets in HTML.
• Provide exact duplicate of HTML content in text format.

HTML email specifications
• No external or inline style sheets.
• Frames, page anchors, script, or div tags are not allowed.
• Some mail agents ignore bgcolor attribute in the body tag. Specify bgcolor in a (td) table cell.
• Use absolute links only.
• Include unsubscribe instructions.
• Dimensions (flexible) = 600 x 800 pixels max (standard).
• Total file size, including images and HTML, must not exceed 50K.
• HTML content should be between 5K and 25K. Files larger than 25K take longer to send and load.

Graphics guidelines
• Do not use image maps. Use tables instead.
• Use absolute paths to images.
• Images should be in GIF or JPG graphic format only.
• Image tags must include full URL.

Text email specifications
• Provide content in Notepad format, or .txt document.
• Highlighting, bolding, italics, and images are not permitted.
• Do not use high ASCII characters or symbols (e.g., !, @, $, "").
• Provide full destination URLs.
• URLs may not be longer than 62 characters.
• Each line of content should not be longer than 72 characters.
• The content is limited to two pages of text.
• Typical text content should be between 2K and 8K.

Files larger than 25K take longer to send and load.

Terms and Conditions

All advertising content for online, electronic, and print publications of The Institute of Financial Operations is subject to these terms and conditions, to the policies of The Institute, and to review by The Institute's editorial, graphic, and web teams. The Institute reserves the right to refuse any advertising or space requests. Verbal agreements are not recognized. All advertising contracts must be in writing.

Positioning of any advertisement is at the discretion of The Institute, except when a specific preferred position is agreed to in writing by The Institute.

Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the right to authorize publication of the contents thereof and that the advertisements will not violate the rights of any third party. In consideration of such publication, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless The Institute of Financial Operations against any expense, claim, or loss arising out of publication or any breach of advertiser's representations or warranties.

The Institute makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee of consumer responsiveness or hits on its website.


All rates agreed upon will be due to The Institute of Financial Operations. Any agency fees shall be in addition. All accounts must be paid in full in advance. Web ads shall not be made live if payment is not received.

Agency commissions, discounts, and conditions

Recognized advertising agencies are given a 15 percent commission on gross billing only when payment is made within 30 days of invoice. Mechanical charges are not commissionable. To qualify for frequency discounts, advertisers must schedule for multiple insertions at the time of initial contract. Advertisers who fail to complete frequency contracts will be short-rated.

Deadlines and specifications

Renewals for web advertising must be received within 30 days before expiration, or The Institute has the option of releasing the space to another advertiser.

Cancellations or changes will be honored only if received in writing 30 days before scheduled go-live date and accepted by The Institute. Cancellations received in writing within 30 days but before an ad is live may be eligible for a refund of up to 50 percent. Cancellations received after an ad is live will not be eligible for a refund.

No conditions other than those set forth above will be binding on The Institute unless specifically agreed to in writing by The Institute of Financial Operations.

This policy applies to third-party advertising content that is accepted and posted on our website or other electronic channels.

It is The Institute's policy that our website shall not appear to be dominated by advertising. Some tile ad space is reserved for internal/house ads and is not available for sale to commercial advertisers. No single advertiser will be given exclusive rights to advertise on the website. We reserve the right to modify or change any available website advertising inventory based upon page layout or style design changes. We will notify any advertisers of these changes. Where inventory purchased by an advertiser is no longer available, the advertiser will only be liable to pay for the advertising actually served.

All submitted advertising content is subject to review and approval by The Institute's graphic design team and/or senior management and must comply with these guidelines:

1. We will not accept advertising content in direct competition with The Institute's core products and services, including but not limited to membership, training, certification, guidance, and resources.
2. We reserve independent judgment on the suitability of all advertising design and content based on the integrity and reputation of our organization.
3. Advertising content must be in keeping with the professional nature of our organization and our constituents.
4. All claims contained in advertising content must be justified by relevant supporting references. ("Data on file" is acceptable provided the documentation is produced if requested.)
5. All advertising content must comply with relevant laws.
6. All third-party ads are limited to one loop (two frames, each lasting a maximum of 7.5 seconds), without animation.
7. Advertisers must send (via e-mail or disk) the complete creative content (tile ad and URL) for the advertising content five business days before the proposed go-live date, in the required web format.
8. We offer creative design services to develop the advertising – on a fee basis.

If advertising files are received late, in an unacceptable format, or not at all, we may not be able to arrange for the web advertising to be displayed on the agreed date or terms.
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