How do I report CPE?

CAPP and CAPA Certificants are expected to maintain the high standards of the accounts payable profession by selecting quality education programs to fulfill the continuing education requirements.

Credits may also be attained through continuing education in:

  • Finance and accounting
  • College courses based on the below AP related subject areas, as well as finance and accounting
  • Skills training (e.g.; Excel, Word, Reading Skills, Project Management, etc.)

The Institute of Financial Operations qualifying activities:

  • Attend one of our many e-Learning programs 
  • Participate in our Self-Study learning program
  • Attend a local chapter meeting (either live attendance or virtual attendance if offered)
  • Present an educational session for a local chapter, webinar, or live event
  • Prepare an article to be included on the website

*The above will qualify for continuing education credits based on program length.

The Institute of Financial Operations members-only activities:

  • Serve as chairperson for a committee for one full year: 20 credits
  • Serve as vice chair for a committee for one full year: 15 credits
  • Serve as secretary of a committee for one full year: 12 credits
  • Serve as an officer of a local chapter for one full year: 10 credits
  • Serve as a committee member for one full year: 5 credits

*The above must be one of The Institute of Financial Operations committees or local chapters groups.  

Qualifying CPE activities

The overriding consideration in determining whether a specific continuing education program is acceptable is that it is a formal program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competence of the certificant. Acceptable formal programs may fall under the categories of education, publications, oral presentations, or professional participation. Credits may be attained through continuing education in AP related subject areas including, but not limited to:


Processing Functions

Management Responsibilities

Invoice Handling

Customer Relations/Partnerships


Staff Motivation and Morale

Procurement Card

Project Management

Payment Processing

Travel and Entertainment


Travel Card Administration & Management

Vendor Master Files

Governmental Guidelines

Cash Management

Expense Reporting




Tax and Regulatory Issues


Sales and Use Tax

Processing Software

1099 Reporting


1042/1042S Reporting


Independent Contractor



Other Topics

Value Added Tax

Operational Analysis

Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Disaster Recovery


Outsourcing and/or Shared Services





Continuing Professional Education Credit Tracking Template

If you would like for any credits earned from non-IFO educational sessions to be added to your account, you can send the credit tracking template spreadsheet to