About The Institute of Financial Operations Foundation

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt (in the United States) corporation formed to provide and expand research and education for the benefit of financial operations professionals and the general public. The Foundation is the global leader in sponsoring, disseminating, and promoting research and educational resources to enhance the development and effectiveness of the financial operations profession.


The mission of The Foundation is to expand and share knowledge of financial operations by providing relevant research and educational products to the profession globally.


The Foundation's major objective is to support research and education in financial operations, thereby enhancing the development of the financial operations profession. The Foundation accomplishes this by:

  • Researching pertinent issues and topics.
  • Identifying and developing tools and materials for education.
  • Providing global access to research and educational product resources.
  • Assessing the practice of the profession periodically through the ongoing review of examination content.

Additionally, The Foundation promotes growth of the profession through educational scholarships and grants, research, and forums.


Leadership for The Foundation is provided by:

  • Board of Members — comprising The IFO Board of Directors.
  • Headquarters Professional Staff — the core group responsible for maintaining day-to-day oversight of all Foundation activities.


As a non-profit corporation operating independently of The IFO exclusively for research and educational purposes, The Foundation is funded by voluntary contributions from IFO members, service providers, and supporting organizations.  Find out how to support The Foundation by donating now.

Click here to download a copy of The Institute of Financial Operations Foundation W-9 form.