Welcome to the new web site portal for The Institute of Financial Operations.  Below are some general guidelines and information to maximize your experience and access to our robust and comprehensive tools, resources and information.

    Site/Content Access

    The site includes general information available to any visitor, and other information, tools, and resources that may only be accessed by members of The Institute.  We are offering a sneak preview to nonmembers of some of our member-restricted content for a limited time.  Click here to review our membership types and to join today so that you too can receive our valuable benefits and enjoy unrestricted access to all the tools, resources and information on an ongoing basis.

    Members:  To access the member-restricted content throughout the site, we encourage you to log-in with your username and password each time you visit the site – located at the top right corner of the screen. Once logged in, you may navigate the entire site with ease and full access to view, print, share, and/or download all available content and files, in addition to commenting on our news articles and participating in our various message/discussion boards.

    If you have any issues logging in, contact us at for assistance.  However, here are a few tips for resolving a log-in issue:

    1. Your log in username is the email address that you entered when you joined as a new member or when you updated your profile.
    2. Your membership with The Institute may have expired. Contact us at for assistance.
    3. If you are a new member, your membership record may not yet be created.  Please wait 24 hours to try again, or contact us at for assistance.

    Site Navigation

    There are four methods of navigating the site.

    1. The top main navigation bar and sub-navigation levels.
    2. The advanced search function to find a topic or item of specific interest.
    3. The site map, which provides an at-a-glance outline of the main sections and associated subsections.
    4. The Topics of Focus and Resource Center areas to locate menus for tools, resources and information – only available to our members.  And, the Explore Resources function tab (located in the left column), in the Resource Center, allows you to further define your search.

    Our website has content arranged in the following primary areas, which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation bar:

    1.     Home is the welcome page and includes sections and associated links to our Areas of Interest, Topics of Focus, News and Commentary, Social Buzz, What's Happening and Event listings.

    The Areas of Interest section provides an overview of how we serve each of our four core affiliate audiences within our unified brand – IAPP, IARP, NAPP and TAWPI – and provides specific examples of the tools and resources available within these areas of interest.

    The Topics of Focus section serves as a dynamic, search and filtering link to provide our members with immediate access to the information they need and want.

    The News and Commentary section offers a window into the robust and comprehensive News portal.

    Our Social Buzz center displays the latest LinkedIn group discussion, FaceBook posting, and Twitter tweet

    What's Happening showcases items that are currently underway or newly available for your review or download.

    And, the Events section allows you to view some of the upcoming events. A full listing of events can be found when clicking on anyone of the posted events.

    2.     About Us includes information about our organization's vision and mission, our volunteer structure and opportunities, our chapter locations, how to join our mailing list, and more.

    3.     Membership provides you with direct access to update your profile, view the benefits of membership, join or renew, review the weekly digest of communications from The Institute, access our ongoing special offers, and participate in our various member/community networking groups.

    4.     News offers you timely access to information on all financial operations related topics relevant to your function and professional interests and needs.  And, our dynamic Google News feed ensures that you won't miss any important industry announcements.

    5.     Networking is where you will find our current local chapters listing and web site links, information about starting a new chapter, and another point of access to our various groups and communities.

    6.     E-Learning is your access point to review and register for our free member webinars and standard e-seminar, self study, professional development certificates and other virtual training opportunities.

    7.     Certification is the center for all our certification program information, open exam details, and qualification requirements.

    8.     Guidance includes our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and information that set the bar for financial operations efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism.

    9.  Store provides you with direct access to your member/customer transactions, to update your profile and communication preferences AND purchase books, media and our valuable research studies.

    10.  Resource Center is where members will return to again and again and again to access the thousands of resources compiled for your use - briefings, case studies, tools, templates, calculators, thought leadership, whitepapers, policies and procedures and more!

    Site Compatibility

    The Institute's website is optimized for those using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. Those using other browsers, such as Netscape, Chrome, or Firefox may experience minor unpredictable differences and incompatibilities in graphic or content display.

    Nonmember Registration

    We encourage all our site visitors to join our mailing list to receive notifications on our valuable products and services and professional industry information.  Just click on the Join our Mailing List button under the Membership or About Us sections to complete your profile information.

    Returning to our Home Page

    The Home button is located on our main navigation bar.  However, visitors may also click on The Institute's logo on the top left corner of every page to return to Home.

    Downloadable Files

    Numerous documents are made available to our members for printing or downloading through the use of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This type of formatting preserves the "look" of the original document, but makes it available cross-platform. When you click on a PDF file it should open in a new browser window. To view or download these PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have the software, you may download it for free by clicking here and following the directions. You will need to know what operating system (OS) you are using in order to download the correct version of Acrobat Reader. Once a document has been downloaded, use the search function (the binocular icon on your tool bar) to find specific phrases or section numbers.

    Some documents and reports on our web site are made available for download as Microsoft Excel or Word files. Forms/documents designed to be downloaded to your computer and completed with your particular word-processing application are offered in Rich Text Format (RTF).  You must have Microsoft Word or Excel (or comparable programs that will convert the files) on your system to download, save, and open these files.

    Off Site Links

    Our web site includes links to information and documents located on our partner and other web sites. Clicking on those links will open a new browser window. Should that occur, simply close the new browser window that opened to return to the original page on The Institute's website.

    Print-friendly Format For Web Pages

    The Printer Friendly page link at the top of most pages on The Institute's website allows you to print out the content area of the web page on your printer.

    Share a Web Page with Another Person

    We have included "Share" links throughout the site to allow you to send the page's web address, along with your comments, to an email recipient of your choice.

    Frequently Asked For Information

    We have included a list of questions and answers in our FAQ link on the bottom of the home page and in the About Us section for quick reference. This list may be modified on occasion as interest areas are added or deleted.

    Providing Feedback

    Any feedback that you have on the site will be greatly appreciated. It is through such feedback that we will be able to ensure the success of the website and our ability to improve our service to you.

    Other Questions

    If your question is not answered by the information above, please contact us at or refer to the Contact Us page for additional department contacts.