What's new?

The Institute of Financial Operations has experienced great success in the past year. Our valued members, have enjoyed more benefits, more learning opportunities through the launch of The IFO's new Leadership Academy and enhanced e-learning offerings; access to more research and educational products through the creation of IFO's Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation; more chances to network with new members and customers through our expanded social media outlets; more information and more insight and news through IFO's news portal and timely technical news brief to help your professional growth. By joining The Institute today, you will belong to the largest, most diversified and most beneficial financial operations association in the world.

What's coming in 2014?

The IFO continues to grow its outreach into additional international markets, expanding your community and enhancing your ability to benchmark your processes worldwide; offering additional certification programs will be key in to establishing international recognition of your professional designations; and building onto the award-winning FinancialOps magazine by offering both print and a leading-edge 3-D digital FinancialOps publication to enhance and entice learning.

Make the most of your membership

Yes, the IFO continues to evolve and embrace the future of your profession and we want to take you with us. Take full advantage of being an IFO member now. Opportunities for networking are plentiful through your local chapter, which offers a wide variety of programs and events in your area, as well as regional and national events. Your membership makes possible the connectivity to like-minded professionals both in and around your niche in the financial operations ecosystem.