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5 Reasons to Break Free from the Cubicle and Grow Professionally
By Cindi Occhuizzo

MARCH 3, 2015

Reason # 1: GROWTH. We believe you cannot grow personally and professionally without the right tools and resources. Do you have all the tools and resources in your office you need? Look at the 75 educational sessions at Fusion 2015. Which ones will benefit you in your career? 

Reason # 2: NETWORKING. Would you rather eat lunch at your desk alone or discuss pressing issues with industry experts and peers in a relaxed social setting? Fusion will not disappoint when it comes to meeting with others face-to-face who understand what you do and what keeps you up at night.

Reason # 3: THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP. You need to de-stress, identify risks and win the race! Fusion will inspire you to approach your business differently. Which thought leader sessions appeals to you? 

Reason # 4: MOTIVATION. What are the chances of Frank Abagnale coming to your office to talk to you about fraud and embezzlement? Check out our four keynote speakers that will challenge and entertain you.

Reason # 5: SOLUTIONS. Would you prefer to receive email solicitations or learn from those that will take the time to understand your business needs? The Fusion 2015 exhibit hall will be interactive, fun and a continuation of learning. Visit our live interactive exhibit hall and start planning your visits and make valuable connections.

We believe in your commitment to the profession. Our goal is to grow our members, not use our members to grow our organization.‚Äč

Click here for more information on Fusion 2015. View the full conference brochure online.

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