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New Benchmark for Accounts Payable Efficiency and Effectiveness

The PRGX AP Productivity Index is the first tool of its kind to gauge the impact of AP metrics such as operations costs, staff productivity, turnaround time, and error rates. Developed by an affiliate of The Institute - The International Accounts Payables Professionals (IAPP), PRGX Global, Inc. (PRGX), and APQC, the AP Productivity Index is a unique, actionable tool for helping CFOs and AP leaders play a more informed role in advancing their organizational objectives.

PRGX AP Productivity Index Survey

Designed to compare your organization with others that are achieving world-class performance, the PRGX AP Productivity Index uses APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking database, the world's largest benchmarks and best practices database.

The objective of the AP Index is to provide a method for reporting and analyzing key AP performance indicators and a way for business users to track and improve their performance with current, results.

Reliable benchmarking data is critical to making a successful business case. By participating in the survey, your organization will receive an in-depth report—comparing its business performance to that of all participants and your industry peers.

The Institute is internationally recognized as a trustworthy guidance-setting organization for AP, AR, payments, and document automation professionals. PRGX, a business analytics and information services firm, is providing financial support and subject matter expertise for the index. APQC, one of the world's leading proponents of performance and process improvement, is providing exclusive data for the index, as well as technical and analytic assistance.

Why participate

A number of evolving operational challenges warrant participation in our AP Productivity Index Survey including:

  • managing costs,
  • improving process efficiency and effectiveness,
  • resolving errors and exceptions, and
  • lack of visibility.

To participate

Follow the link to complete the survey:

To learn more about becoming an APQC member contact us today:
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About APQC

APQC's research studies, benchmarking database, and renowned knowledge base provide managers with the business intelligence to transform their organizations. A member-based nonprofit founded in 1977, APQC serves more than 750 of the Fortune Global 1000 companies and numerous government organizations. APQC is committed to remaining a neutral third-party and guarantees objectivity and confidentiality in accordance with our Benchmarking Code of Conduct.

Take a moment to download sample quarterly reports below.  To download the full Summary of the Annual Highlights, please refer to our Research studies here, which are available free to Institute members.

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AP Productivity Index

Benchmarking Code of Conduct
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