The Institute has joined forces with APQC to provide our members the opportunity to participate in a research survey to access benchmark data at no cost. Make smart business decisions by getting an accurate picture of how you compare to industry-leaders in your AP/AR processes. Assessing cost-effectiveness, cycle time, and process efficiency through benchmarking allows you to make crucial business decisions in an easier way.

Benefits for Institute Members

  • Members participate at no charge. Market value of APQC reports when compared to other sources range from $25,000 - $50,000 per module.
  • APQC provides customized and comprehensive performance reports with quantitative and qualitative benchmarking data to guide future business decisions to each participant who completes any of the available surveys. There is no charge to Institute members.
  • Participate in multiple AP and AR assessment surveys, assuming these participation instances adhere to APQC's validation requirements.

Accounts Payable Assessment Accounts Receivable Assessment

High Quality Partnership

APQC, a global leader of process and performance improvement has partnered with The Institute to provide AP and AR professionals the opportunity to access research data in the AP/AR discipline in order to build new and better ways of working, and succeed in a competitive marketplace. The customized and comprehensive performance reports, which includes both quantitative and qualitative benchmarking information, will help guide members' future organizational business decisions.

About APQC

APQC is the leading resource for performance analytics, best-practices, process improvement, and knowledge management. Founded in 1977, APQC is a member-based nonprofit which serves organizations around the world in all sectors of business, education, and government. As the sole custodian of the OSBC database, APQC serves as an objective third party thereby guaranteeing objectivity and confidentiality for all OSBC participants. For more information, visit


For help getting started, please contact:
Rebecca Thibodeaux
+1-800-776-9676 ext. 7258




"Performance benchmarking at the process level has allowed us to establish a solid baseline on how our business performance compares to that of similar organizations. The benchmarks provided a useful, holistic assessment of our operation in terms of cost, productivity, efficiency, and cycle time performance."

- Oscar Evans, manager of BPO Solutions, IBM

"When I came across APQC, I was blown away-literally blown away by what was available and how APQC had structured it. I shouldn't have to put myself in debt to figure out how I compare to my competition."

- Physical distribution manager, Building Products Manufacturer