AP Automation Solution Provider Landscape

The Accounts Payable ("AP") Automation or ePayables technology market is crowded and confusing with multiple providers offering different and varied capabilities to automate all or part of the AP process. The report providers a clear view of the AP automation landscape and differentiates the types of solutions available in the market today and the approach they take to automating all or part of the AP process.

The report covers the following categories of AP automation solutions:

  • Scan, Capture & Workflow Solutions – Solutions that focus on identifying and extracting the right invoice data (typically from paper, fax, pdf or email) and converting that into a usable electronic format which can then be processed in a more automated fashion. There are however, further variances within this category.
  • eInvoicing Solutions – Solutions that typically take a network approach connecting buying and selling organizations and allowing them to interact with each other in a fully automated and electronic environment
  • End-to-End ePayables Solutions – Solutions that allow an organization to manage the receipt, processing and payment of invoices all within one product or suite of linked products
  • Payment Solutions – Solutions that focus on the ‘Pay' phase in the AP process, comprised of electronic payment solution providers

This report discusses 24 of leading providers in the market. These descriptions will help readers gain a better understanding of the products and services available in the market and provide the ability to identify a short-list of prospective providers based upon their unique requirements.

This report will help enterprises navigate the solution provider landscape by cutting to the chase and discussing the key capabilities and performance of the main solution providers in the space and how they each match to different technical, process, and organizational requirements. AP teams looking at automation projects will find this 28 page report to be highly informative and useful.

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