A Business Case Template for AP Automation

The first document in this series is a comprehensive business case template that is user-friendly and highly-customizable and includes accounts payable specific content, independent research, and easy-to-follow guidance and directions. The goal of the template is to help accounts payable ("AP") organizations make a clear and compelling case for the investment in an ePayables solution AND make it an easier and more efficient process. We expect companies will be able to use this template to dramatically reduce the level of time and resources needed to complete the case.

The template will help AP Leaders provide a compelling justification for an investment in an ePayables solution by explaining (at a high level) why the current problems demand a change and describing (at a high level) the ePayables solution and its likely impact. This Business Case can also be used to communicate the project to others and establish a method for measuring success. Groups that fail to make a successful business case for an investment in ePayables solutions will continue to struggle for awareness and budget in the future. The template includes:

  1. Instructions to the author that provide guidance as to the content for each section of the business case
  2. Boilerplate text that is specific to accounts payable and that can be used or modified, as appropriate,  to fit an organization's specific situation and needs
  3. Value/specific fields that represent industry average results that can be updated with the values/details that are specific to the project
  4. Section checklists designed to help the project team review each section and ensure that it contains the right information and is presented in the right tone or context.

This template includes valuable pre-written content and market research that can be directly used to enhance the business case and dramatically reduce the amount of time spent developing it. If your organization is considering an accounts payable automation and/or transformation project, this document is for you.

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