Guidelines for reprints and translation requests

The Institute is pleased that you have found something of particular interest in one of our publications. All material published by The Institute or its affiliates (IAPP, IARP, NAPP or TAWPI) is protected by U.S. copyright laws. Obtaining our permission prior to the reproduction, redistribution, and/or translation of any of our materials is legally required. Please review the following conditions and procedures for obtaining rights and permissions and feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Any permission granted is for a period of one year. Timing begins on the "republication date" you included with your submission. Also, permission is limited to the circulation figures you supplied with your approved request. To republish and distribute additional quantities, or to republish beyond the first year, you must submit a new request. Permission must be requested for each instance an Institute or affiliate copyrighted material will be used.

Please allow two to four weeks to process your request. All fees must be prepaid and submitted with a completed Permission Request Form. Failure to submit the fee will delay the application review process.

Requests for Quotations - we do no assess any fees for requests to use information from our publications as quotations in another publication or article. However, all details must be completed on the Permission Request Form and submitted for approval.

Requests for Reprint - fees for determining percent of the totalcopyrighted publication to be reprinted are as follows:

  • 1 - 25% of the book: US$25 flat fee
  • 26 - 50% of the book: US$25 per copy printed
  • 51- 75% of the book: US$35 per copy printed
  • 76 - 100% of the book: US$45 per copy printed

Out-of-Print Publication Requests

No fee will be assessed for out-of-print publications. However, the request must still go through the approval process. All details must be completed on the Permission Request Form and submitted for approval.

Publications in First Year of Print 

An additional 15 percent of the total fee will be assessed on all reprint requests for publications in their first year of print.

Requests for Translation

A flat fee of US$1,500 is charged required for the translation of our Institute publications.

* Fees subject to change