The Institute of Financial Operations delivers exclusive thought leadership to help organizations and financial operations professionals create and sustain a competitive advantage. Covering a wide range of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and information management/data capture topics, our whitepapers, executive reports, and research studies (see document library below) provide actionable insights and strategies for best practices.



Research Studies

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2015 Kofax - AP Efficiency Study.pdf
2012 - Electronic Payments and Remittance Data (by Remittance Coalition)
2011 - Cross Border Payments Perspectives (sponsor: Glenbrook)
2012 - AP Cloud Study (sponsor: Esker)
2011 - Tax and Regulatory Study (sponsor: Convey)
2011 - E-Invoicing Study (sponsor: Basware)
2011 - Automated Data Capture (OCR) Study (sponsor: OpenText)
2011 - Accounts Receivable Automation Study (sponsor: Esker)
2011 - Accounts Payable Global Study (Accounts Payable Network)
2011 - Accounts Payable Automation Study (sponsors: see report)
2010 - Accounts Receivable Study (sponsor: OB10)
2009 - Document Management Study (sponsors: see report)
2009 - AP Automation Study (sponsor: Hyland Software)
2012 - PRGX AP Productivity Index (sponsor: PRGX)
2011 - PRGX AP Productivity Index (sponsor: PRGX)
2011 - Accounts Receivable Study (sponsor: OB10)
2009 - PRGX AP Productivity Index (sponsor: PRGX)
2010 - Trends in T&E Expense Management (sponsor: Interplx)
2010 - Trends in Electronic Payments (sponsor: U.S. Bank)
2010 - Payment Trends in the Healthcare Industry (sponsors: see report)
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